Client closes before access to server list. #Resolved!

Ошибки и конфигурация сервера

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Client closes before access to server list. #Resolved!

Postby BKillzz » 28 Jan 2018, 05:10

So i had some problems like last two days, but i have fixed them by now and decided to make a post in forum for players who might have similar problem! :)

So two day ago i closed my client( i used new one and old one at a time) and tried to reopen it after few hours and it kept closing right after loading was done and before i was able to chose server.

I tried everything, from changing compatibility mode to reinstalling windows and downloading all kinds of fixes what i was able to find on internet but nothing worked.

Then i found a solution for this. I usually don't use headphones for my pc and i don't use speakers aswell, so to run mu client you have to have something plugged in your output audio device or mu client wont work. Have fun! :)
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